Google, the dictatorship of the algorithm is over: DTSocialize is here

Do you remember when a few months ago former US President Donald Trump thundered that after his ban from all social networking sites, he would have come out with his own anti-dictatorship social network Facebook and Twitter? Here it is: the project is called DTSocialize, run by the group of the same name, DTSocialize Holding, which will soon be listed on the London Stock Exchange.

The group deals with privacy protection and confidentiality, with its own digital ecosystem on blockchain in progressive expansion. A system that will be available on the market in two/three months free of charge and completely decentralized and democratic (no one can ban anyone, let alone obscure any kind of video information). 

The innovative social apps aim at bypassing the monopolistic practices of the big American Big Tech players, who by now, through a centralisation (i.e. they are commanded and managed by a few people, and in some cases even by a single person) of the processes, can decide whether or not to close an account, leading to the loss of readers. The reason? The famous algorithm decides that some of the topics are not in line with the ideas of the various Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, leading to progressive blackout on search engines. In short, there is no longer freedom of speech.

The new DTSocialize project (where blockchain technology is largely used) will not be a simple social network like Facebook, but a system that will also give the possibility to interact both vocally and textually in augmented reality. The platform will also have the world’s first fully encrypted messaging app that does not need a phone number or even an email ( This app will also allow in a second phase Zoom-style meetings, the real novelty in the Covid era, but fully encrypted. 

The project will also allow the purchase of security tokens of DTSocialize, giving buyers the opportunity to get, via blockchain, commissions on all the earnings of this company and from the sale of big data.

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